Super Diamond Backline 2016



GUITAR AMP: Fender DeVille Combo 2 x 12 2) 15’ guitar instrument cables

BASS AMP: Ampeg SVT with 8 x 10 speaker cabinet

ELECTRIC GUITAR: Gibson Les Paul with 10 gauge strings

GUITAR STANDS: 5 (2 of which accommodate acoustic guitars)

KEYBOARD AMPS: 2 Peavey KB-300 (NO ROLAND JC-120s!)

KEYBOARD STANDS: 1 X-style Quick-lock stand & 1 two tier keyboard stand

DRUM SET: 6 piece DW set (10″, 12″, 13″, 16″ toms with 22″ kick and 14″ snare) with hardware consisting of 5 cymbal stands (booms), double kick drum pedal with another double kick drum pedal as a backup, drum throne (stool) and 22″ ride cymbal, 19″ (or 20), 18″, 17” & 16″ crash cymbals and 14″ hi hat cymbals (Zildjian or Paiste). Plus an extra 14inch coated Emperor head as a back up.

FOG MACHINE: Standard fog machine or full use of in-house fog machine


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