Mustache Harbor Stage


Thank you for your interest in the Mustache Harbor stage. Our stage offers the following advantages over other options:

  • Stage is a lightweight, high quality, and very stable stage using the latest in technology.
  • Dimensions can range from 4’X4’ to 24’X20’ and any dimension in between.
  • Extremely fast setup time and removal. In most cases can be done within 45 minutes or less depending on size.
  • Set-up and removed by the Mustache Harbor crew so timing between staging and PA/band is coordinated and very efficient.
  • Integrates seamlessly into Mustache Harbor’s lighting and sound set-up.
  • Preferred stage by Mustache Harbor.
  • Cost advantage due to the combined labor utilized.
  • Is used by Mustache Harbor exclusively so is in excellent condition.

Tainted Love Stage

20’ X 16’ X 24” shown here.

24X20 by 24″ high – $1,000.00 rental fee

20X16 by 24″ high – $1,000.00 rental Fee
All terrain stage available (prices on request)